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What type of sewer problem can occur in summers?

There is a lot of hassle and bustle at every home during the summers. Kids are at home as the summer vacations start. Guests start visiting your home on a regular basis. This means that the water and sewage system of your house will be used more as compared to the other days. It can lead to frequent sewer problems in the summer months. You may have to call a Plumbing service Woodbridge VA. Some of the common plumbing problems that may occur during the summer months are:


If there are more people in your house using the toilet and the bathroom sink, it can cause frequent clogging of the drain. The most common cause is the excessive use of toilet paper that will clog the sewer lines. Therefore, make sure that your family members are using a lesser amount of toilet paper.


There is a risk of clogging of the bathroom sinks because when more people take a bath in the bathroom, more hair will flow down the sink that will clog the sink immediately. Therefore, you have to use a hair plunger to remove the hair and other debris continuously from the bathroom to prevent clogging of the bathroom sink.

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